White Supremacy: Colonizing the Mind

The term white supremacy is often only used when people sit around and discuss Hitler and his band of Nazis or when people talk about the Grand Wizard and the Ku Klax Klan's latest shenanigans, as they believe that white supremacy only happens when there is a physical force. But what many don't seem to realize is that it also occurs at a psychological level. White supremacy is the colonizing of the mind.

As minorities grow up in western societies, they learn to live under the Eurocentric lifestyle. They follow the etiquettes of the western society, and in some cases will stop practicing their own culture. They detach themselves from the non-western ethnicity and scorn others for still practicing the "savage" traditions. They start to believe that they are better than the "other" minorities because they are civilized and of class, even though in the eyes of white people, they're just colored people.

This is white supremacy or colonizing the mind. These minorities are the pawns in the dominant groups plan to kill non-white cultures. Though this is an extreme case, there actually are racial minorities who hate their 'race' and view themselves as white, or at least in the same racial echelon as white people.

An example of this type of person would be one of my aunts, as she believes she is in same racial rank as her white counterparts. Even though she identifies as a Vietnamese person, she hates a lot of things that are "Vietnamese." She likes the food, but she hates going to Viet restaurants because she thinks it is dirty when compared to white restaurants. She likes Vietnamese people, but she hates hanging out with the majority of them because she thinks they have no etiquette. She loves her people and her country, but she will never go back to Vietnam, even to visit for a week, because she thinks it is too dirty and uncivilized there. I like my aunt, but her mind is very colonized.

However, white supremacy doesn't just occur via extreme conditions. It could simply be kids who don't practice their ancestors' traditions. They only live as and practice being Canadian, for example, rather than being a hybrid (a term for a minority who practices both the western culture and their race's culture). This is white supremacy because as time passes on, their ethnic culture will cease to exist within their family.

White supremacy is a touchy subject because many people, specifically white people, are very offended by it. They feel this way because of what was discussed earlier. As well, they tend to dismiss the fact that they (the dominant group) are the ones who colonized nations of modern society first and thus were the ones to create and spread the image of what society is supposed to be like.

They also have gatekeepers (people and policies) that inhibit the progress of minorities. And even though Barack Obama is the President of the United States, he is only one person. Above that, he was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle-class white family (maternal) in Hawaii, where he had the privilege of attending preppy schools and getting a good education. Many black folks don't have that same opportunity because government policies prevent it.

To reiterate, white supremacy isn't just about physically killing off groups of people like what Hitler and the Nazis did back in World War II. It is also the colonizing of the mind, where the Eurocentric view of living -- the "acceptable" lifestyle -- is planted in every colored person's psyche with the intention of slowly killing off the non-white cultures and traditions. People need to understand this, as well as understanding that it is the white colonizers who created this "acceptable" society.

The main point, it is okay to live under the Eurocentric lifestyle, you just have to realize that you are. Above that, don't judge and hate on people for staying faithful to their ethnicity.

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  1. We experienced socalled white supremacy and still the majority of middle and higher class people are under the effect of the same. They live in Asia or in Africa but always appreciate the western life syle.