Why do people still think homosexuality is learned?

I was skimming through The Economist the other day and came across this article about gay individuals in China and the day to day obstacles that they have to go through. The article shared the story of one man who struggled to come out to his parents and instead of being true to himself and being him, he underwent gay conversion therapy to try to fix himself for the sake of his relationship with his mom and dad.

And guess what? As a result, he got anxiety issues, insomnia, weight and hair loss, and minus $1,700 from his savings account. But the thing that he went in to "fix" still remains. He is still a gay individual. So this brings me to my question: if homosexuality is a learned behavior, then why doesn't gay conversion therapy work, like ever?

Socialized Self: Merton's self-fulfilling prophecy and Cooley's looking-glass self

(Robert Merton)
Robert Merton was an American sociologist who won the 1994 National Medal of Science for his founding of the sociology of science. He spent most of his career as a professor at Columbia University, where he developed the concepts of the "reference group," and "self-fulfilling prophecy." For the purposes of this post, I will only discuss the latter.

Truth and Reconciliation Story Illustrates Colonization of the Mind

As I was reading through news articles a few days ago for one of my posts, I came across this story about an Aboriginal man who, as a kid, kept aggressively scrubbing his skin while taking baths. His mom caught him one day and asked why he was scrubbing so hard. His answer: "I don't want to be an Indian. I want to be white." I'm sure this narrative has recycled itself thousands of times over, especially when social institutions are constantly ramming in the myth that being white is better than being an ethnic minority.

On top of that, these social institutions want minorities to adopt the white culture and disown their family's culture and traditions. It does this by painting ugly images of minority cultures and spreads this propaganda via education, media, religion etc. This is what colonization of the mind looks like.

Socialized Self: Erving Goffman's 'Dramaturgy'

(Erving Goffman)
Erving Goffman was a Canadian-born sociologist who discussed and contributed to symbolic interaction. He was considered to be the twentieth century's most influential American sociologist, and he gained this title with his research on social interaction and the social construction of self, among many others. His most well-known concept is Dramaturgy -- the illustration of human behavior through theatre.

Stories from Truth and Reconciliation hearings to illustrate the violence of residential schools

It is universally known that residential schools are one of the main reasons why First Nations people are going through tough times at the moment. The church-run, Eurocentric schools harmed more than just the 150,000 plus kids who were abducted and forced to attend -- it also harmed their parents and family members. Still, to today, there are residual effects from that dark period, which ended in 1996 when the last residential school closed down in Regina, Saskatchewan.

But even with these facts, there are still so many people who believe that the First Nations inflicted that suffering on themselves and don't deserve to be compensated by the government and apologized to.

So to attempt to illustrate the pain and suffering that the First Nations went through, and are still going through, here are some stories that were shared at the Truth and Reconciliation hearings.