Division of Labour is the main component of social inequality

(J.D. Pooley / Getty Images)
Did you know that the eighty-five richest people in the world have a net worth that equals the net worth of halfof Earth's population's? It's true. Inequality exists in every society, and you can see it clearly when you look at the Walmarts in America. The reason why it is so vivid in this company is because you can see (via news reports and studies) that the owners make so much more than the store employees, and it is because of the division of labour; CEOs use this aspect of society to exploit the working class.

Inspire to study and explore society (video)

"Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both." C. Wright Mills

To prevent prostituting, it needs to be legalized

Let's talk about prostitution.

Last week I shared stats from the Canadian Encyclopedia which said most sex workers are young, single, female, addicted, undereducated, and started their careers between the ages of 16-20. The stats also said that workers tend to come from a history of poverty and abuse, and are controlled by pimps.

Earlier this week, there was a report from CBC News which exposed the Halifax sex trade, saying that underage prostitution is growing in the city. The report also said that some of the girls are as young as 13 years old.