Karl Marx

This is a blog about sociology and social issues.

As a college undergrad, there were times when I would miss class and would have to go through the textbooks or sociological dictionaries to find out what was taught that day. But sometimes there were specific concepts that weren't in the texts, and as a result, I would have to resort to the internet. But the majority of times, it is very time-consuming to navigate through search engines, blogs, websites, etc. looking for specific concepts or ideas.

This is why I made this blog. It is meant to be an easy to navigate, easy to comprehend resource for sociology students who missed class every now and then, and/or couldn't fully understand what their professor discussed about in class.

But I didn't want this space to just be for students. I wanted the general public to also be able to read and learn about sociology as well because, to me, it is an important subject that could help in making society better. So rather than just discussing concepts that aren't popular in textbooks, I will blog about all the must-know theories too. 

The goals of this blog are to make sociology less complicated, to make concepts and ideas accessible, and to give me a place to learn more about sociology via interacting with you guys, the community, by having discussions in the comments or on social media. I also want to use this space as an outlet for sharing new findings or personal thoughts on issues that I care about.

So, thank you in advance and I hope to see you all in the comments and on social media.

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