Stereotypes and career expectations in minority cultures

So I was cruising around YouTube yesterday and came across this awesome skit from Wong Fu Productions that illustrates racial stereotypes in society. The skit, "Do you love your job? - Job Expectations," follows two high school teens -- one Asian and the other African-American -- as they battle their true selves in an attempt to squeeze into their racial typecast. Obviously, -- SPOILER ALERT -- it didn't work.

 And the reason why it didn't work for them (and others in the same shoes) is because what they are expected to be, whether it is because of family expectations or because of society's brainwashing, is not them. You can work your butt off to become a great engineer, and maybe you will achieve it, but deep inside you, inside your soul, you know that is not who you truly are and what you truly want to do.

Therefore, don't worry about what anything or anybody expects you to be -- you just do what is in your heart and what makes you happy, and just be you.

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