To prevent prostituting, it needs to be legalized

Let's talk about prostitution.

Last week I shared stats from the Canadian Encyclopedia which said most sex workers are young, single, female, addicted, undereducated, and started their careers between the ages of 16-20. The stats also said that workers tend to come from a history of poverty and abuse, and are controlled by pimps.

Earlier this week, there was a report from CBC News which exposed the Halifax sex trade, saying that underage prostitution is growing in the city. The report also said that some of the girls are as young as 13 years old.

"You go and you post an ad online or somebody posts the ad for you … Then you sell your ass to a bunch of people," said a teen, whose real name and age were not revealed.

"If you're working for somebody, you give them the money and then if you're not, you keep it for yourself."

The teen also said that many girls are "lured" with the potential of making thousands of dollars a month.

With this information and knowledge at hand, why would Justin Trudeau still want prostitution to remain illegal?

When you keep it illegal, females (young and old) can be exploited because it isn't regulated and watched over by the government. As of right now, sex workers can be abused and used by pimps or Mesdames, they have to work on the unsafe streets, and they're most likely not ID'd (age verified) by "employers" and customers.

But if the government were to get involved, prostitutes would be working from bawdy houses (not the streets), where it would have security (or police) watching over the place. As well, the government can inspect it every month for drugs, cleanliness, underage workers, STIs, illegal activity, abuse, etc. AND... and it can be taxed, which can be used to develop career programs for young girls or educational programs about the hazards of prostitution.

Look, prostitution isn't going anywhere -- it has been around for a way too long. So instead of keeping it illegal, why not legalize it and give these human beings a safe place to work at, while preventing young people from entering this career path?

Just think about it.

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